I have been an art lover for my entire life and have studied it as a subject since I left school in 2005.

It has always been a passion and necessity for me to be creative – Art has played a primary role in my life since childhood; my most recent achievements in art were gaining a First Class BA (Hons.) in Contemporary Art and graduating with a Masters of Fine Art (M.A.) from the Manchester’s School of Art.

The minute details that make up a persons’ face, and every dab of paint which emulates this enthrals me.

Throughout my time spent studying, I have dabbled in many different mediums and conceptual ideas – I feel that there are always links that can be found which draw back to my interest in the study of the body and portraiture.

My aim is to capture an individuals personality in such a way that creates a powerful reception from the subject and all those who know them.  It is an amazing feeling to know that something I enjoy doing and become immersed in can effect another in a different, but just as interesting manner.

“Sally Dyer has managed to escape the flat perfection of photo generated images. In the organic way she has recreated the lumps and hollows that make up the landscape of the face”
Tai Shan Schierenberg
“Dyers frank and almost photo realistic painting has a youthful honesty to it”
Kathleen Soriano
“There is a fine graphic quality to the painting that contrasts with the lovely ruddiness of the flesh”
Kate Bryan