October 2018

Black History Month

My Enigmatic Grandad A presentation delivered at Preston Black History Groups 'Black to the Future' Event   Last year after creating a painting of Turner Prize winner 2017 Lubaina Himid and attending the opening night of her exhibition at the Preston Harris Museum, I had the opportunity to meet some great figures in the Preston [...]

July 2017

UK Tonsillectomy Advice

My name is Sally, I am an Artist from the UK and just two weeks today I had a tonsillectomy. On the run up to the date of your operation you are naturally curious to hear from others what their experience was to prepare yourself. I spent many hours trawling through the Internet reading peoples [...]

January 2017

Looking back

It’s January 26th and I have the morning off work, bliss. My partner Adam has been revamping my old portrait website,, just in time for the release of the new Sky Arts portrait artist of the year series. My episode is due to be aired on February 7th, so it’s a race against the [...]

December 2014

When Sky Arts came to Preston

Before they arrived there was a lot of back and forth communication via email and over the phone planning what we were to do on the day. I decided we should do the filming at my Mum and Dads house, it is far nicer than the rented home myself and Adam were staying in at [...]

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 – Part 1

How it all started It was a journey that began with no great expectations, just the thought that “there is no harm in applying” I saw an advert for the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year 2014 application on Facebook, of all places, and went for it. I had all the information I needed [...]

November 2014

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 – Part 2

This year I was a part of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014. The programme is airing every Tuesday night at 8pm on Sky arts 1 – Keep watching to catch my episode on December 2nd 2014. I will be putting a post up describing my experiences during the competition. In the mean [...]

March 2012

Portrait Painting – Georgia Commission

This is my first Professional Portrait Painting Commission of a young girl called Georgia. It was created using acrylic paint on canvas and took around eight full days of work to complete. I am a terrible photographer but I have roughly documented the creative process so you are able to see what is involved at [...]

December 2011

Portrait Painting – Acrylic on Canvas

“Only in the making can things happen, It doesn’t really matter that much what the making is. It just matters that you make something.” – Michael Atavar After a while of doing very little creatively, I decided to start at the same place I had once begun, portrait painting. This is a painting of an image my [...]