It’s January 26th and I have the morning off work, bliss.

My partner Adam has been revamping my old portrait website,, just in time for the release of the new Sky Arts portrait artist of the year series. My episode is due to be aired on February 7th, so it’s a race against the clock to make sure my website is up to standard.

In the effort to get all the content up to date, Adam has set me the task of gathering all my past work and documenting it. This necessity to look back has lead me to my garage, where I discovered all the paintings I did while taking part in the Portrait artist in 2014, still wrapped and labelled by the lovely crew! I haven’t looked at them since the day they were completed.

I am not a big one for reminiscing or wallowing I like to get on and move forward, on reflection that has meant that I don’t take the time to celebrate my accomplishments and myself. I was surprised with what I discovered when I finally unwrapped and studied them; I was impressed with what I had created.  A good thing to keep in mind moving forward ☺